When Belinda and Greg were first approached to provide the timing and results for  'The Ritchie Walker Aquathon' in 1989 by the Cronulla Triathlon Club, the intention was just to support the local triathlon club and it's athletes with fast accurate results. Little did they know that this humble start would result in a demand for their services in the multisport industry and the continual growth of what is now the Multisport Australia organisation.

In 1990, the late but forever legendary Mark Pringle of 5 Star Events, engaged Belinda and Greg for the timing and result services at all his events in NSW. By 1993 Belinda and Greg were servicing the oldest Triathlon in Australia, 'The Nepean Triathlon' an event that recently celebrated it's 31st year. 1993 also saw the largest Triathlon in Australia at the time, the 'Sri Chimmoy Triathlon'  (2,500 triathletes over 3 events) move to MSA for its timing and results service.

In 2000, the age of electronic timing chips was in full swing and by the summer season of 2001 MSA offered Chip timing to the Triathlon community and the Sydney Marathon. In 2002, the first ocean swim 'The Big Swim' joined the timing revolution followed only a few weeks later by the iconic Cole Classic at Bondi.

With the internet age now an integral part of the sporting industry, MSA launched it's own web site designed for results in 2004. Athletes no longer had to wait for results to be sent via mail and results were available within hours of the event concluding.

When the Active chip by AMB-IT entered the market in 2006, MSA were the first company in Australia to purchase the equipment for the multisport industry. The system allowed timers to do what the passive championchip system could not. Immediately high profile live events such as Ironman, ITU, and Surf Ironman took full advantage of the system offering live results and maximum flexibility for split times and tracking.

The timing industry is rarely in a state of flux and new products appear continually. In 2008 MSA released live web results and was the first timing company to successfully introduce the UHF fully disposable chip mounted on the back of a race number at Melbourne Marathon. 

MSA continues to be leaders in the development and delivery of products and services for the sporting industry. MSA employ over 30 full and part time staff of diverse backgrounds many of whom remain keen and vibrant athletes wanting to share their skills and knowledge and give back to the sports they love.





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