At MSA we understand events and the fact that there is more involved for the race director than just the delivery of timing chips for distribution. Our fulfilment offerings provide solutions whereby we match and pack all essential items into the athlete race kit and prepare it for distribution to the participant in a manageable way.

We can even arrange for the procurement of various essential components including pins, race numbers, wrist bands and other forms of athlete identification. We consult and manage the design, production and delivery of all items required in the race kit.  We also arrange for distribution by way of mail, courier or personal delivery to your event.

Want more in your race kit than just the essentials? Our team can assist with the inclusion of  merchandise and products / promotions in the race kit. Our team can process and manage the inclusion of merchandise and flyers for distribution with race numbers and timing chips. We also assist and manage group / team collection and distribution as well as large scale production of goodie bags for mass participation events.

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