MSA owns world class accurate and reliable timing display clocks manufactured by Alge.

We have both LED and mechanical digit display clock types. Our staff will set and operate the displays on race day. In most cases the event is required to undertake or assist with the installation. An MSA staff member can operate the displays in conjunction with their other duties

Available only to events as part of our timing and results services package.



Make your start / finish line stand out in the crowd. Our 4 metre and or 8 metre inflatables provide the perfect opportunity to display your event logo and the logos of your sponsors.

Available only to events as part of a timing and results services.


Where you need to split a finish to 1,000s of a second or greater, MSA can provide an integrated Photo Finish solution with our Alge timing Partner. Our Photo Finish solutions always include instalation and operation by fully qualified staff. In some cases a sporting body authority may specify or require dual photo finish systems providing higher reliablity and redundancy. MSA have the capacity, knowledge and ability to deliver and certify results accordingly. 

Available only to events as part of our timing and results services package.



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