It is all about timing... or is it?

At MSA it is more than just timing. We provide a wide range of timing and associated services.

The work for each race starts long before the athletes arrive at the event and continues well past the finish line and the inevitable post mortem drinks at the club house. MSA provides services designed to support pre event activities, post race stats and all that transpires in between.




There are many different types of time recording equipment however there is not one single system that can cater for all types of events. MSA understands that you need to match the equipment to race requirements in order to deliver the best results.

MSA are currently using three different types of time recording devices. Traditional / classic passive transponders; active transponders and disposable transponders. Each system has great features and is designed to excel in a specific purpose. All our systems are regarded as 'best in breed' by their respective manufacturers and MSA staff are well trained in their use so as to achieve the best performance from each system.


MSA provides an extensive scoring system. We do not simply hand over timing files to a race director. MSA prides itself in it's delivery of results in a timely and agreed format. Our scoring software is purpose built and flexible enough to suit any event configuration that we have encountered during our many years of substantial timing work and event history. MSA understands that the sports market is always changing and specifications constantly increasing and in response to this our hardware and software is kept up to date or in advance of demand.

MSA is also concerned with how we can play our part in improving the environment so we offer a paperless results system. Using any tablet device, we can publish the results on our local event intranet site in an easy to read format for presentations. Our Mobile site is purpose built for smart phones allowing the tech savvy users to review their performance without printing reems of paper.

We also offer a local event intranet results site that can be deployed for the longer distance events. This allows anyone: competitor, spectator, officials or interested parties to access course updates, results, leader boards and stats.

Over many years, MSA has developed processes that all are aimed at the delivery of results in a timely and accurate fashion regardless of the size or impact of the event.

MSA is one of a few providers world wide and the only provider in Oceania to have been appointed the responsibility of recording and scoring  World Championship triathlon events by the International Triathlon Union (ITU) in the past 5 years. MSA has also been appointed to certify world records as per IAAF standard at various events in Australia.


As the digital revolution marches forward  MSA has ensured that it stands at the forefront of the evolutionary process. Decades ago athletes accepted that results could take 4 weeks and be delivered by mail. These days results are posted to  websites as they occur. MSA understands that this is not the end of the digital revolution: our purpose built mobile site offers the end user a friendly navigational experience that the standard web site just cannot match.

Delivery of SMS based results and progressive information has long been an expected instant means to publish information. SMS's can be personalised and SMS can offer the advantage of an additional income stream to the event via the 'end user pays' system. Each year we are responsible for the delivery of over 60,000 SMS messages related to our current events.

Social media is also a major part of the new digital world. Events need to maximise their exposure and athletes often wish to publish their own performances on a social media platform for posterity. Our results portal delivers both: either post event or in real time as the events occur.

We also offer our local event intranet site for media, the event medical team, event managers and others to view respective and relevant pages directly on their smart phones or tablets.

While the environment is always our concern, hardcopy  printing is always available at all events as a standard.

MultiSport Australia